Using this feature requires the Mobile Images feature to be activated in webSAM, see: [webSAM] Setting Up Photos / Mobile Images & Upgrading Storage


Add Images to Vehicles

When editing a Vehicle using the Maintain Vehicle form, select the Images tab:

Any existing images will be listed (2) - you can click the Description field to edit/delete an existing image

Click Add to add a new image.

This will display a form where you can add a description and notes regarding the image you're adding, e.g.

Click the Upload Image button to select your image

You can Drag 'n Drop image files onto this window or click Select the photos to import which will open a window to browse and select the image.

The image will be uploaded, and you can click Save to save this image against the vehicle.

Add Images to Jobs & Estimates

Images can be attached to each Section of Jobs & Estimates, in a few ways...

Images Added From Recommendations

See: [webSAM] Recommendations - Adding Recommended Work to Jobs

Images Added using the Technician Web App

See: [webSAM] Adding Images to a job - Using a mobile device

Or, you can add images manually to each Job Section by clicking the + icon for that section and selecting Images:

If there are images already attached, you can click the Camera icon

The next screen displays any existing images for the current section, click Upload to add more..

Here you can Drag 'n Drop image files or Select the photos to import to browse your device:

You can click Upload to add more images, and click Close when you're done.

You can read more about Job Sections here: [webSAM] Job Sections


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