This article covers how to enable/disable the features to add images/photos to webSAM and the Technician Mobile App. For more detail on how to use these features, see:
Mobile: [webSAM] Adding Images to a job - Using a mobile device
Desktop/Browser: [webSAM] Adding Images to webSAM

The Mobile Images feature in webSAM automatically resizes and compresses images to save data and speed up image loading time, however, if you're running out of space in your current allocation you can upgrade your Storage capacity for images (upgraded storage plans incur additional charges).

To Enable/Disable Mobile Images or Upgrade your current plan to add more storage space:

  • In the top-left of webSAM click the dropdown beside your company name and select Setup:

  • In the Setup list, scroll down to Interfaces and select Settings
  • On the Filestream - Mobile Images tile, click the Configure button:

This will open the configuration screen for Mobile Images explained below:

This screen has the following controls/features:

  1. This field Displays your current Plan / Storage allocation
  2. Change Plan - Click this button to view plans and select a new plan to change
  3. Usage Plans - Clicking this button will open a webpage showing the pricing of our Photos plans
  4. Data Usage - Displays details regarding the number of images you have stored in webSAM, total storage allocation and the remaining space available based on your current plan
  5. Deactivate/Activate Mobile Images - Click this button to deactivate/activate the s functionality in your system. Deactivating this will stop all users of your webSAM system from being able to add images to webSAM.
  6. Terms & Conditions - There are some important terms that relate to the Mobile Images to be aware of, this link will open the relevant webpage to read our Terms and Conditions.